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    meet problems.long life.good health.cancer free.healings.stop fluid.pain free.heal damage done by smoking,negative talk.
  • Son in prison

    Please pray for my younges son Phillip Hines to get released from prison early before 2013, into halfway house in Houston,Texas.

When Dr. Reggie was four, his family members told him to stop what he was doing because it was evil. His peers in school taunted him and called him a witch. What was he doing? Dr. Reggie was able to sense their thoughts and prophesy future events.  By the time he reached high school he thought had successfully masked  his gift, only to realize that he had the ability to manifest his desires almost immediately.  He called it "the secret power of words." 
At times withdrawn and confused, he turned to prayer and meditation, which further developed and honed his unique talents. When Dr. Reggie was twenty one he had a mystical experience that reassured him that his gift was from God, in spite of the misguided labeling by family and friends. This new found insight propelled his quest for knowledge about metaphysics and theology and he pursued his gift wholeheartedly, earning an a B.S. in Life Sciences, an honorary doctorates from the University of Metaphysics and Stratford University in Washington D.C.
Dr. Reggie has come a long way from a little boy being reprimanded for reading his mother?s thoughts. His psychic and intuitive abilities have brightened the lives of people all over the world. His core message is that we are a part of God, never separated; that we have God's DNA therefore we have the ability to create our life experiences; that we love one another, never judge, and never lose our wonder of magic in the world.
"Every problem in life has a spiritual solution"
Renowned speaker, author, intuitive and prophet for the 21st century, Dr. Reggie is teaching people how to utilize their spiritual energy in their daily lives. "I like to help people tune into their life?s purpose, and manifest their full potential. Think of the possibilities of a world where each of us follows our true destiny and fulfills our purpose on the planet."  
Dr. Reggie's coaching clients develop a new sense of purpose and the tools to tap into their own God-given power. They are reminded that the answers are within.  "I am only a guidepost; you must be committed to doing the work," says Dr. Reggie.  He offers you the keys to creating opportunities, wealth, love and health.  Whether you experience Dr. Reggie's private coaching sessions, group classes or teleclasses, interacting with him could potentially change your life.
Dr. Reggie is the author of The Awakening: Conquering the Sleeping Giant Within, One Hundred Spiritual Secrets, and The Secret Power Of Words.

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