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Stages Of Spiritual Growth That Really Apply To Anyone Especially Women Over 40

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There's an old saying from the Talmud that every blade of grass has an angel watching over it constantly whispering, GROW, GROW, GROW... If that's true about Grass, what must be true about us?


Eric Butterworth in his book, Spiritual Economics wrote, Life is fundamentally a matter of growing, a growth experience. Missing the mark is one of the ways in which we learn to hit the target. Failure is a vital part of achieving success. We have erroneously thought of success as "getting there" while actually success is "earning the right to be there." And earning means learning. Setbacks, even failures, may be an important part of that learning.


If you are reading this message, it is because you are interested in growing spiritually.


I've heard many people say that their spiritual growth was a private matter - and I've often bristled when I heard them say that. I used to think it was just because I was in the business of doing Church and if they thought they could do it alone, I'd be out of a job...


But, the deeper I come to understand spiritual growth, the more I realize that the measure of that growth is my increasing ability to relate...and ultimately to know that I am always relating to Myself and to God/Source - because indeed it is all ONE and the same. I meditate on that concept almost daily - and I realize that I'm still not completely there. So, today I thought I'd focus on a model of Growth that talks about the stages we go through in getting to that place of Knowing all is ONE.


A number of years ago, I heard an excellent explanation of 4 stages of spiritual growth, or the four kingdoms of development and unfoldment by the Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith from the Agape International Center of Truth in CA and Marsha Sutton and Lloyd Strom, authors of several spiritual growth programs.

Today I invite us all to ask where are you on this Spiritual Journey?


The stages are summarized by the words:  To me By Me Through Me As Me


Most of us are quite familiar with the 1st stage. This is the stage of the victim where something outside of us is doing something to us. It could be God outside of us, the devil, superstition, the day we were born, the numerological chart, the cracks on the ground, our parents (in 80's became the new devil...) Our parents did it to us and then our mates...  It could be as simple as the weather. We are victim to whatever we believe is causing something in our lives other than ourselves.


Then somewhere along the line we discover, either through pain or through insight - those are the two ways we grow - we begin to understand that we are a part of something that is bigger than ourselves, that is orderly, it's a universe - That something wonderful happens and it operates lawfully. At this level we become manifestors or manipulators. This is the manifest or manipulate stage. This is stage two where we learn about the law and how we use it and oftentimes what happens in this stage - we learn that there is a Law in the Universe. That things don't just happen - they happen Just - they happen according to what's passing through your awareness - -what's passing through your subjective.


This is often called the NAME IT AND CLAIM IT stage. If you can name it and claim it, you can have it. This is the stage where we learn about visualization, If you can see it with your mind's eye; you can feel that it is done, you can have it. You can just see it with a certain level of insight, you can make it happen in your life. This is the stage where you MAKE IT HAPPEN. (Movies and books like the Law of Attraction and The Secret are teaching us to master this stage.)


So, at stage 2 - you make it happen and then you move to stage three where you make it welcome.

And then finally there's Stage four- This is the stage of ultimate relatedness. This is the stage of KNOWING our ONENESS -the MYSTICAL stage which is a stage of being, a sense of at one ment with the presence of God where you realize there is no difference nor is there any separation between this one life - there is only the Life of God.


We have to master one stage before moving to the next. And then, we live moving in and out of these stages. For today, just notice where you are. More to follow.


And so, I would like to offer a support system for getting and keeping clear in your life. When you subscribe to my free Women Reinvent Midlife newsletter, you'll even receive a special report called, "7 Secrets for Reinventing Midlife from the Inside-Out". You can get your copy right now at


From Dr. Toni LaMotta, Midlife Reinvention Specialist and Spiritual Life Clarity Coach


I AM That I AM

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I AM That I AM

By Rev. Dr. Reggie Johnson



From studying the principles of Unity church and being a former spiritual leader of the Unity church, it is my understanding that at the beginning of the 20th Century, several schools of thought got together and formed the New Thought Alliance which gave birth to Unity School of Truth, Religious Science, Science of Mind and even Christian Science. This alliance boldly stated that we would not experience disease, illness, unhappiness, or misery if we applied the principles of truth into our daily thoughts. First, we must realize that there is a single, Divine God that is All present in all things including us and lives inside of us. The scriptures say clearly in Genesis 1:26 that we are made in the “image” and “likeness” of God. That being the case, you can proclaim as Jesus did that "I and my Father are one."


I have always known and believed deeply that at every level of our being we are not separate from God.  Those who believe they are “outside” of the Spirit remain sick, frightened, weak, powerless, tied to the past, resentful, and hopeless. I could not say this in the early stages of my life growing up in the Methodist church.  I would have suffered a personal, mental persecution and crucifixion. My family believed in the imbedded religious training of their parents, grandparents and so forth, that God was somewhere up there and that we did not deserve His love and had to keep our halos polished—or else! I discovered that we did not have to go outside ourselves to find God or look for the answers. I challenge you to look deeply within the self to find God. There is only one Mind and one Power in the Universe and we all share it. Just as Glenda, the good witch, told Dorothy, “…you had the power all along to go home.” Never beg God for anything—all we need is living inside of us, but we must acknowledge it and use it.


You are a wonderful being that God has individualized in His image and likeness, yet unique. With about seven billion earth dwellers, isn’t it great to have a unique fingerprint and structurally, our DNA is the same but that one percent of the DNA sequence makes us different. God in us gives us a permanent sense of Self in the I AM Presence. Let’s celebrate our oneness and our uniqueness.


People ask me why I speak so much about “vibration” when making reference to God. Well, for one thing everything in the universe vibrates. Although Albert Einstein made this clear, it was known to the ancients, even the Mayans who knew there was a link between spirit and matter and that everything was teeming with life and energy. Today we have names for the energy as chi, prana, life force, Reiki and so on, but this sacred vibration is the energy of God. This energy works through you with the laying on of hands, prayer, visualization, divine healing and other forms and methods of healing. Overall, it is God in you that “doeth the work.” It works because you and the Father are one. It is not blasphemy, but reality.


You lose your identity by “hearing” the news of doom, gloom, economic inequality, homelessness and civil unrest. Faith comes by “hearing” the Bible says (Romans 10:17). What are you listening to? Your identity is God within. You are advised on this spiritual journey to Know Thyself. You can only do that by going deep within yourself to know God within you. My wife loves the scripture that says in Timothy 3:5, where Paul tells Timothy that in the last days that we would be lovers of our own selves (egotistical), boastful, trucebreakers…having the “form” of godliness, but denying the power thereof. We discussed this over breakfast this morning in one of our many powerfully perceptive breakfast discussions. We put on this denial of God each time we refuse to recognize the power and wisdom which resides within us.


We live in such a busy time with the Internet, instant messaging, text messaging and other instant forms of communication, we have little time to keep still for a moment, even for five minutes to quiet our thoughts. Are we afraid of the inner mind or that something scary will happen? You must be still and find God within. “Be still, and know that I AM God.” (Psalm 46:10). You will find love, hopefulness, confidence, connection and power.


It is helpful to go to church and other places of worship, but not required in connecting with God. God is in plain sight. Look into your eyes deeply in a mirror, preferably in candle light for about seven minutes. Then stop and write down your thoughts. By staring into your own eyes, you may notice your face disappearing and reappearing or your face changing. Stay calm and realize that you are in control. You may see a man, a woman or other entity gazing back at you. Once I saw a timber wolf, and so did my nieces who broke the energy and concentration, while screaming the words “wolf,” and running away from the bathroom mirror in fear. “Aw shucks, just when it was getting good,” I thought. If you do that experiment, remember, that faith and not fear keeps you grounded. We have God’s nature within us. 2 Timothy 1:7 says “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”


In my book, “The Awakening, Conquering the Sleeping Giant Within,” I stated that the idea that we are separate from God and each other, comes from the doctrine of original sin, perpetuated by St. Augustine of Hippo Regius, which today is Algeria, convincing bishops and popes of the Roman church of this doctrine he believed in for twenty years. I remember reading something once that said, “Religion is for those afraid of going to hell, and true spirituality is for those of us who’ve been there already.”


How do we go inside? Meditation. Meditation is defined as s the act of engaging in mental exercise for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness. You become enlightened because of the process (meditation) in fully realizing who you are—God within! Meditation is the art of taming the thoughts and focusing your mind on your divine connection with God. You will be amazed at your personal revelations.

Quantum Physics, God and Prosperity Consciousness

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If we are God beings, (which I believe we are), with God DNA, then let’s look at the various facts we've learned about our universe during the second scientific revolution we call quantum physics.  (Everybody is familiar with “The Secret.”— especially after Oprah.)


Ordering the Soup of the Day.  Fasten Your Seatbelts!


Every material object in our universe is formed from the quantum field. The quantum field is what physicists have named the measurable quantum "soup" from which we (and everything else in our physical world) are manifested. The quantum field is an invisible field which represents all possibilities. It is everything and nothing - all at once - and holds the potential to manifest anything and everything.


Every material object in our universe is pretty much comprised of the same four basic elements - hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. The only reason there are different material objects (i.e. your arm is different from a candle) is that those four basic elements are combined differently and are vibrating differently.


It is important for you two understand that it is just as simple for the universe (or the quantum field) to manifest a human being as it is a pebble. To the universe/quantum field there is no difference! It is just as simple for the universe to manifest a thousand dollar bill as it is for the universe to manifest a penny.


In our language, it is just as much a miracle for the universe (God) to produce a pebble as it is for the universe (God) to manifest a human being!)


Your “Magnetic” Personality.  Everything in the universe is simply vibrating energy. For example, did you know that inside of you, right now, is enough energy to power a large city for years? I mentioned this before in a Unity church talk, or that a single tear can explode a building!  Material objects in our universe have no real substance; we (and everything else in the physical world) are just globs of vibrating energy.  That vibrating energy is electromagnetic. Which means the energy is a magnet - attracting other like energy vibrations and, in turn, being attracted by other like energy vibrations. Material objects in our physical world are constantly on the move, flying toward other like energy vibrations as they are attracted to them.


Your thoughts are some of the strongest energy vibrations in the universe. Your thoughts are material objects. They actually manifest as tangible, physical things. But now you also know that they are energy vibrations - and among the most powerfully magnetic vibrations known!


Imagine that your thoughts are a tuning fork. And the universe is a superdome or stadium, with every seat containing a tuning fork. If you ring your tuning fork, every tuning fork in the Superdome, tuned to a like pitch, will begin to ring. That is how your thoughts operate in our universe!


Except your thoughts don't just resonate with like energy vibrations, they also magnetically pull like energy vibrations to you. Your thoughts are giant super-magnets which manifest anything at all out of the limitless potential of the quantum field. Since the quantum field can effortlessly manifest anything at all, your thoughts give the quantum field the command for what to manifest.


Manifesting abundance at the level of your dreams often takes time. This is normal and to be expected.  God knows how to provide for you.  You don't go back to a pregnant women every couple weeks saying, "Come on! Where's that baby? Is it really coming?" No. You know that baby is coming. And you know it takes nine months too.


I want you to have that same level of patience with manifesting your desires.


You need patience because your emotions are your manifesting "thermometers", telling you whether you're having good or bad thoughts (feeling good equals good thoughts/feeling bad equals bad thoughts).  You know that your thoughts are vibrating, electromagnetic energy which are attracting like-vibrating energy to you.

Your thoughts are created by your beliefs.  This includes your imbedded theology from childhood.  You made a “habit” of thinking a certain way.  For example “People with wealth probably sold drugs or belong to the Mafia or stole it.”  Get that thought OUT of mind.  Say instead, “The Universe wants me to live in abundance and I deserve it as a child of God.”



  • Know what you desire. 
  • Conjure the good feelings you'll experience when you have attained your desire. (So your hypothalamus can flood your bloodstream with those wonderful feelings)  
  • Be happy, hold those good feelings, and allow the desire to manifest in your life!  

This might all sound too darn simple, but one of two things will always, always happen: (a)  you get what you desire (not always instantly); or (b) you realize you really did not need what you desired after all.  

So understand that it is your own mind that is responsible for what you are experiencing now.  That is the real Secret.



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