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Quantum Physics, God and Prosperity Consciousness

Posted on January 9, 2010 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

If we are God beings, (which I believe we are), with God DNA, then let’s look at the various facts we've learned about our universe during the second scientific revolution we call quantum physics.  (Everybody is familiar with “The Secret.”— especially after Oprah.)


Ordering the Soup of the Day.  Fasten Your Seatbelts!


Every material object in our universe is formed from the quantum field. The quantum field is what physicists have named the measurable quantum "soup" from which we (and everything else in our physical world) are manifested. The quantum field is an invisible field which represents all possibilities. It is everything and nothing - all at once - and holds the potential to manifest anything and everything.


Every material object in our universe is pretty much comprised of the same four basic elements - hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. The only reason there are different material objects (i.e. your arm is different from a candle) is that those four basic elements are combined differently and are vibrating differently.


It is important for you two understand that it is just as simple for the universe (or the quantum field) to manifest a human being as it is a pebble. To the universe/quantum field there is no difference! It is just as simple for the universe to manifest a thousand dollar bill as it is for the universe to manifest a penny.


In our language, it is just as much a miracle for the universe (God) to produce a pebble as it is for the universe (God) to manifest a human being!)


Your “Magnetic” Personality.  Everything in the universe is simply vibrating energy. For example, did you know that inside of you, right now, is enough energy to power a large city for years? I mentioned this before in a Unity church talk, or that a single tear can explode a building!  Material objects in our universe have no real substance; we (and everything else in the physical world) are just globs of vibrating energy.  That vibrating energy is electromagnetic. Which means the energy is a magnet - attracting other like energy vibrations and, in turn, being attracted by other like energy vibrations. Material objects in our physical world are constantly on the move, flying toward other like energy vibrations as they are attracted to them.


Your thoughts are some of the strongest energy vibrations in the universe. Your thoughts are material objects. They actually manifest as tangible, physical things. But now you also know that they are energy vibrations - and among the most powerfully magnetic vibrations known!


Imagine that your thoughts are a tuning fork. And the universe is a superdome or stadium, with every seat containing a tuning fork. If you ring your tuning fork, every tuning fork in the Superdome, tuned to a like pitch, will begin to ring. That is how your thoughts operate in our universe!


Except your thoughts don't just resonate with like energy vibrations, they also magnetically pull like energy vibrations to you. Your thoughts are giant super-magnets which manifest anything at all out of the limitless potential of the quantum field. Since the quantum field can effortlessly manifest anything at all, your thoughts give the quantum field the command for what to manifest.


Manifesting abundance at the level of your dreams often takes time. This is normal and to be expected.  God knows how to provide for you.  You don't go back to a pregnant women every couple weeks saying, "Come on! Where's that baby? Is it really coming?" No. You know that baby is coming. And you know it takes nine months too.


I want you to have that same level of patience with manifesting your desires.


You need patience because your emotions are your manifesting "thermometers", telling you whether you're having good or bad thoughts (feeling good equals good thoughts/feeling bad equals bad thoughts).  You know that your thoughts are vibrating, electromagnetic energy which are attracting like-vibrating energy to you.

Your thoughts are created by your beliefs.  This includes your imbedded theology from childhood.  You made a “habit” of thinking a certain way.  For example “People with wealth probably sold drugs or belong to the Mafia or stole it.”  Get that thought OUT of mind.  Say instead, “The Universe wants me to live in abundance and I deserve it as a child of God.”



  • Know what you desire. 
  • Conjure the good feelings you'll experience when you have attained your desire. (So your hypothalamus can flood your bloodstream with those wonderful feelings)  
  • Be happy, hold those good feelings, and allow the desire to manifest in your life!  

This might all sound too darn simple, but one of two things will always, always happen: (a)  you get what you desire (not always instantly); or (b) you realize you really did not need what you desired after all.  

So understand that it is your own mind that is responsible for what you are experiencing now.  That is the real Secret.


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