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Prayer Requests

Dr. Reggie conducts New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies each month. He also holds you in prayer during his meditations.


over a year ago by rose r.t.,family Pray for me
meet problems.long life.good health.cancer free.healings.stop fluid.pain free.heal damage done by smoking,negative talk.


over a year ago by karenhines Pray for me
Please pray for me to move to Halstead Square in Rochester,New York as soon as possible.


over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Pray every time Nate Williams steps on Lorraines property he will feel unbearable discomfort,itch all over his body and feel alergic to Lorraines property every moment hes on Lorraines property.Nate won't leave Lorraines property and he does not live their.Nate smokes pot also.In JESUS Name Amen

Son in prison

over a year ago by Karen Hines Pray for me
Please pray for my younges son Phillip Hines to get released from prison early before 2013, into halfway house in Houston,Texas.

My move to Stockholm

over a year ago by Lyna Pray for me
My prayer request is somewhat complicated. I will do my best to simplify it. I pray to God that my friend gets his swedish papers, that I sell my house before September and that he finds us an appartement in Stockholm for septembre. And lastly I pray that from here to septembre there be more communication between us for we are over 4000 miles apart and speak only one a week. I also pray for his love.

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