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Quotes had my first reading with dr. reggie and I was blown away by the details and accuracy! he is a kind and patient soul! look forward to speaking to him again! Quotes

Quotes I believe, awareness brings understanding, and rememberance. Thru tragedy is perfection, and everthing does happen for the good. To remember we walk by faith not sight, will bring everlasting joy. I thank most humbly Dr. Reggie for giving me back my rememberance of joy, and how good that feels, and thanking God, Ms. Cynthia, and Ms. Tina all Angels serving the highest good. Quotes
Lennis Boyd
Understanding & Remembering

Quotes Dr.Reggie - I give thanks for waking me from my planetary sleep. Most of us have no idea we are just sleep walking. We are continuously spiraling upward to the Divine Presence of God. I am thankful for your guidance and teaching on this journey to Christ Consciousness. God Bless you. Quotes
New Jersey

Quotes I am a supporter of Dr.Reggie's gifts and talents. I have been so blessed to meet him and to have received his guidance. The information that I received was not only accurate it was life changing. I pray that Dr. Reggie can continue to help heal and transform peoples lives. Quotes
Avenda Ali

Quotes No question this is the real deal. Not only is he 1000% right, he does healing as you are having the reading and so after you hang up, you feel the sensation of an energy that was not there before. God Bless You, and allow this to happen to you. Quotes
Yoga Therapist

Quotes Reggie is a very talented man and I know his gifts are that of God. He is very positive and very accurate. Love ya reg Michelle Quotes
I am very happy

Quotes Reggie is an amazing & gifted person. He puts my mind, body & soul at ease from all of the negative energy that sometimes surrounds me. And in turn puts me in a better state of mind for POSITIVE things to come! I am blessed to hear his positive outlook & insight. He has a way about him that is calm & has a bit of humor into his sessions!! Reggie, is awesome!! If you don't believe me TRY a session for yourself!! He is worth a try!!... ;) Quotes
Teri Gomez

Quotes I have known Reggie for only a short time less, than a year, however from the first reading, I felt a deep spiritual connection to this man. Perhaps a past life connection, I am not certain. He has been able to tap into my energy field and tell me things that, at the time, I would not accept, things that have come to pass, for the good of my life, I now realize! When he told me things I was not willing to accept, and he did so with PURE love and compassion! I have realized my OWN deeper spiritual awareness from our meetings, and have become more centered, and compassionate towards others. We have no way of knowing what the future holds...but I do believe that Reggie can help you see the TRUE potential, should you choose to accept the soul's expansion you must live, to get to that potential! I love you both Reggie and Cynthia!! Your friend, Melanie Quotes
Melanie Miller

Quotes 2 Peter 1:19-21 "And so we have the PROPHETIC WORD CONFIRMED, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts; knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation, for prophecy never came by the will of man, but HOLY MEN of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit." From the great prophets of the Bible from Moses, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Jesus, John the Baptist and Paul, I include Dr. Reggie in the same vain and spirit. Dr. Reggie specifically called out by name and circumstance aspects of my life as though he was physically present at the time. Dr. Reggie Holy Spirit driven prophetic message was delivered with the pure immutable TRUTH, seasoned with the Word that provided a peace of mind and clear path to light the way forward. KNOW THE TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall set you free and thats exactly what you shall receive from the truly gifted Dr. Reggie. Quotes

Quotes Being a graduate of the mystery, I am extremely honored to continuously learn from this great ascended master. I have come to understand and embrace the beauty of the universe that is within me through your teaching and guidance, and now I can enjoy the exciting ride of the divine flow. Mizan Ali-khabir Mystery School Graduate Quotes
Mystery School

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