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Quotes As a former student of Dr. Reggie Johnson's Mystery School of Melchezidek, it is an honor and a privilege to know this man. Dr. Reggie has taught me about many facets of our lives, the universe, God and Goddesses, and he has taught me about ME. I am so proud to know this man and his wife Cynthia. I consider Reggie the most proficient prophet/intuitive in the 21st century. He has the ability to know, understand, relate and predict your future with a compassionate edge. I love you Reggie and keep on keeping on. Those of us who have benefited from your talents greatly appreciate you. Namaste - LaDonna Quotes
Reggie is Phenomenal

Quotes Dear Dr. Reginald Johnson, I , recently had a reading with you on Oct.31,2009. When you spoke to me and had me do calming, breathing inhale and exhale, it centered me, and grounded and balanced the reading. I listened to you with quietness and awe. Your talent is amazing! So accurate. You did not fish me for information, instead you told me the way it is, and the way it's going to be. I highly recommend you to the general public. May your work reach the masses, and blesses others. I, have been seeking an authentic, affordable, psychic, and I found a couple. You told me "God ain't broke! I believe that! It's now in my consciousness. I trust the universe to deliver to me complete, total, financial abundance, wealth, for life. Plenty, comfortable, for life. I intend to consult with Dr. Reggie Johnson for an hour long reading next time. He's excellent! God Bless, Karen Hines New York I Quotes
Karen Denise Caswell Hines
Very pleased customer

Quotes Reggie was awesome! Definitely the real deal, he told me things nobody ever mentioned before. If you want a good reading call him! Quotes
Fort Myers, FL

Quotes The wonderful thing about Reggie is that as you are listening to him, you feel a healing in your heart. He has a way of helping you see the unseen. If you have a fear in a love relationship, Reggie helps guide you through it, he sees the positive aspects, not the present negative situation. He can bring you into the unseen, and uplift your spirit and his accuracy is amazing. He is truly gifted, gives an understanding to your situation. Quotes
Virginia Beach

Quotes He is a great man of God, gifted in every way. I enjoyed every moment. He was right about everything he said. Quotes
Dayton, OH

Quotes As always an amazing and gifted psychic. He predicts timing, people that you have not met yet, and present situations very accurately. Can't wait to see if his predictions come true. Quotes

Quotes Reggie's a superstar! He put my mind at ease about rekindling a past relationship. Reggie uses energy and humor in his readings. His accuracy is amazing! Quotes
Huntington Beach, CA

Quotes I had a wonderful reading with Reggie. He said many things that were very accurate and true. The energy that he gives his readings are amazing. He gave me so much energy! Quotes
Brooklyn, NY

Quotes My dear and closest friend Mary told me she was so pleased with her readings, she cried tears of release and true tears of joy. When she told me some things she was dealing with, I highly recommended your services and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, you would not only be able to read her, but give her sound and sage advice. We both agree: You are the best! Quotes
Atlanta, GA

Quotes I have been on a spiritual path for a long time and have had readings before but NO ONE HAS BEEN AS INTUITIVE AS YOU!. Also you are the first person to give me simple to use practical tools that I can apply on a daily basis to enrich my life. I am so grateful and honored to know you. Quotes
Susan Cingari
President, Starquest Productions Inc.

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