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Recent Prayer Requests

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    Please pray for my younges son Phillip Hines to get released from prison early before 2013, into halfway house in Houston,Texas.
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    My prayer request is somewhat complicated. I will do my best to simplify it. I pray to God that my friend gets his swedish papers, that I sell my house before September and that...


Have you ever had the feeling of being watched only to discover that your perception was correct and locked eyes with the person staring at you?  We all know when someone is gazing at us because of the weight of the energetic emanations directed toward us.  Our telepathic sense becomes sharply focused.  We are complex vibratory electromagnetic fields of energy in our makeup communicating with each other similar to telephone circuitry and connected to one another by the Supreme Energy Grid, or God.

Our repeated and thought-focused attention creates an energy attachment “cord” to a particular person, place, or thing.  And, with repeated focus, the thicker and bigger the cord becomes.  This way, our energy gets attached to that person or object.

The goal of cutting unwanted “cords” of attachment is to have all of our own energy in our own space, in our own bodies. Attempts to to direct or influence the lives of others creates our cords toward them. In addition, we do not need the energy of others to survive.  We are our own power generators with our own life energy and connected to Infinite Mind as our resource

Energy cord signals to recognize and cut:

  • Feelings of deep loneliness or feeling abandoned
  • The need for  constant reassurance
  • Never feeling satisfied
  • Fear of being alone
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Victim consciousness
  • A need to put people down
  • Attempts at controlling you or your life
  • Attempts to manipulate you to get things their way

Cord attachment and spiritual & psychic attack

  • dizziness
  • loss of energy
  • muscle tension
  • mental confusion
  • headaches
  • chronic fatigue
  • sleep disturbances
  • irritability
  • depressed mood
  • physical illness
  • small diminishing aura
  • leaks, holes and/or tears in your aura
  • and more.

With the world economic conditions, war, poverty, hunger and strife, it appears everyone is “corded” somehow—and, unfortunately, too many people are! 

Cutting cords allows you to start taking responsibility for creating your own life and taking back your personal power.  I have special prayers for you to maintain energetic cord strength after the cutting ritual and healing. 

To schedule an Energy Cord Removal Session - pay online in our Web Store; then call 800-401-8129, extension 1 to schedule your appointment.


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