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What Is Prophetic Soul Coaching

During a prophetic session, I realize my connection with God and receive messages from the Holy Spirit. I assist YOU in learning to trust your own GPS (God Positioning System) within.

Just as life coaching teaches you how to reach your goals, Prophetic Soul Coaching goes a step further and helps you align with your true nature (your Higher Self) and clarifies your life purpose. Prophetic Soul Coaching is an exploration of the sacred contracts between you and your Higher Self which will help you identify and achieve your spiritual and personal goals in this lifetime.

A Prophetic Soul Coaching session quickly identifies any life issues that may be hindering your spiritual development and growth, and reveals the resolution and clarity from a spiritual dimension. The results will allow you to:

  • Embrace an attitude of gratitude for amazing results
  • Fan the flames of your creativity
  • Transform your mind to enter your sacred space
  • Release yourself from being the victim
  • Understand how to draw upon divine substance for prosperity!

My sessions are richly intuitive, and you will experience a new sense of purpose, a deeper understanding of your soul's mission, and acquire the insight to tap into your own God-given power. My sessions are for those seeking personal growth, renewal and spiritual transformation. This life-transforming process gives you the tools to align your future with your innermost desires, and you will gain a dynamic, passionate vision for your life.

Is Prophetic Soul Coaching Similar to a Psychic Reading?

Yes it is, but it is much more in depth. Over the years, I noticed my clients commented that my readings were more than a psychic reading. I not only revealed things that were happening in their lives, I also explained why they were happening, and what they needed to do spiritually to correct the problem or prevent it from reoccurring. This approach actually helped my clients to develop stronger spiritually.

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